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Nomad Riptide 155S - hī-ika
Nomad Design

Nomad Riptide 155S

$32.95 (Price Excludes GST of 15%)

The riptide range features the exclusive Nomad Design Matrix Metal Plate, HD-ABS, Gorilla Through Wire and HD Foam systems on models throughout the range. The floating version has the perfect balance required to achieve that dynamic, strike inducing ‘S’ shaped swimming motion. A long sweep of the rod tip makes the head duck under with a splash, then as the water flows over the lures body a seductive body roll and ‘S’ wave action is imparted sub-surface. 

Extensive testing of the internal weight placement combined with a body shape that can only be made from HD ABS plastic makes the swimming action on the Riptide lures simply unbeatable. The weights in the tail also make casting easy. The super thick stainless steel metal plate combined with the foam filled body mean no matter what you do to the Riptide, it will come back asking for more, and is up to the toughest challenge.

All Riptide lures are finished with a super tough triple layer clear coat finish, applied by hand during production, which makes the paint and finish super tough and durable. It means that when toothy fish hit the lures the paint won’t flake off in chunks, and leads to a lure that looks better for longer.

The Riptide 155 S (Slow Sinking) comes fitted with the highest quality super strong BKK hooks, chosen to balance the lure perfectly, and provide exceptional swimming action. This lure can be fished straight out of the box with confidence.

Weight: 55 grams (with hooks)

Length: 155 mm


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