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Kia ora,
Welcome to hī-ika, the place where I can share one of my greatest passions... fishing! hī-ika is a Maori word and translated means 'To fish with hook and line'.

First, a little bit about me... I am a New Zealander with strong Maori heritage leading back many generations to the first Maori settlers and the first canoes that arrived in NZ. I belong to the Ngati Kahu and Ngati Kuri ancestry located on the east coast in the far north of this wonderful country.

I have had the most privileged position of being born into a country that is rich, bountiful and awe inspiring with its natural beauty. From my earliest memories, much of this natural element and exploration surrounded the sea and beaches, which fast became my natural playground. I have awesome memories of dad dropping me at the beach with a fellow mate and a hand line, or fishing rod and little else. We would spend the day fishing, make our own fire, cook some of our catch on the rocks and go home on cloud nine.

My mother was a wonderful teacher and embraced the water, sea life and kaimoana (seafood) with great passion, instilling this in me at a very early age, along with a great respect and care for the oceans natural power and beauty. I have many great memories of fishing the far north with her.

I have gone on to fish my entire life... some 40 odd years and counting... In some of the most remarkable and thrilling locations; The Three Kings, Ranfurly Banks, White Island, Mayor Island, Hauraki Gulf, the wild West Coast and many other spectacular locations around NZ. Whilst living in Dubai a few years back, I also had the privilege of fishing in Oman, Musandam, Southern Oman and Asia. I have also enjoyed the beautiful oceans of the Pacific Islands and all the bounty it produces.

My experience has been rich, and with it my passion has only deepened. As a result, I have honed my knowledge to experience the best and discover the same. Fishing brings me such joy and centres me back to the earth. It is with this in mind that I want to share my knowledge of quality products, ideas, locations, tips and real time knowledge with others in order to help people get the most they can from the sport. hī-ika has been created to service this. It is a reflection of me, my heritage, the incredible country I was born into and the wider world of fishing.

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I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any requests for things you would like to see or hear about, or have any comments to make please feel free to contact me (
Hei konā mai (Goodbye for now)