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Rod Deflection Graphs

As many of you will know, it can be difficult to compare the differences in the action of one rod to another. Manufacturers rod specs can help, but often differ significantly between the various manufacturers. It is with that in mind, that I decided to build a jig to measure the rod deflection in some of the more popular casting rods.

The Rod Graphs below are simply intended to provide you with a reference point for the various rods that have been measured. You may have one of the rods that have been measured below. If so, you will be able to use the graphs to compare its deflection with a range of other rods.

Manufacturers rod specs and these graphs are just a part of the total equation when assessing the suitability of a rod. Obviously the best option is to have the rod in hand and if possible, to fish the rod with your chosen lures.

The graphs below are split into 4 categories,

  • Light Rods (1.25 kg test weight)
  • Medium Rods (5 kg test weight)
  • Medium/Heavy Rods (5 kg test weight)
  • Heavy Rods (5 kg test weight)

Each graph is interactive, simply click on one or more of the rod descriptions shown in the legend of the graph. This will highlight your selected choice and show you the deflection of the rod, enabling you to compare one rod with another.