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Studio Ocean Mark

Studio Ocean Mark Knob AE85

$75.00 (Price Excludes GST of 15%)

These are the perfect upgrade..Extremely light weight knobs with improved gripping power. Available for a range of Shimano reels in 2 colours.


Designed to fit the reels listed below

Shimano: Overhead Reels

2011/2012 Ocea Jigger

Ocea Calcutta 300HG/301HG

2010 Ocea Jigger LD and Ocea Jigger Limited 1500


Shimano: Spinning Reels

13 Stella SW, 08 Stella SW

15/09 Twin Power SW

Shimano B type handle shafts

NOTE: This does not fit the Shimano Ocea Jigger Limited 3000


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