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Auckland winter fishing...

Had an opportunity for a quick fish yesterday with Roy who runs (Fish n Dips Charters). The boat is based in Auckland and runs from Pier 21 (Westhaven) and is a 8.5 m custom.
Roy has great knowledge of the Gulf and is an experienced lure fisherman. We left the dock around 7 am and head out towards Flat Rock and fished that area for most of the day.
The weather was great, a flat sea and a 6 knot wind making for comfortable conditions. We started out with the jigs, mechanical and slow, both methods quickly found the fish. 
It was my first time out with the Daiwa Saltiga 15H and the Daiwa Certate 3000.
The 15H was spooled with J-Braid PE3 and the Certate with J-Braid PE2. I used the 15H first and had it mounted to the Maven Pacific Jig PE3; this is a high end jig rod which is just perfect for jigs in the 200-300 gm range. The 15H and the Maven proved to be an excellent combination, super light with enough power to land some good fish.
The Certate also performed extremely well dealing to some nice fish; I had it connected to the Maven Gulf Spin 15-25lb. We probably landed and released over 30 kingfish throughout the day, all on our doorstep. Some great workups out there during the day holding some good fish...
One of many Kings caught and released...

Winter is one of the best times to get out fishing so give Roy a call and get out there...




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